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Ballymena United - Club Officials
Listed below are our current Club Officials: -
Norman McBurney
Billy Anderson, David Blair & Robert Cupples
Matthew Armstrong, email -
Chris Selwood
Finance Officer
Tony Patterson
Company Secretary
John Torrington, email -
Football Secretary
Jonathan Irwin, email -, phone 028 2565 2049
Board Of Directors
David Blair
John Murray
Philip Simpson
Ivan Russell
Club Doctor
Dr McCurdy
Sales and Marketing Executive
Brian Thompson
Community Relations Officer
Iain Black, email -, phone 077 3210 1178
Child Protection Officer
Eric Gilmore
Head of Youth Development
Stuart Donald, email -
Supporters Liaison Officer
Emma Scott, phone 077 0857 4693
Media Officer
Iain Black
Phone 077 3210 1178, email -
Chief Safety Officer
Adrian Scullion
Disability Access Officer
Stephen Heron, email -, phone 028 2565 2049
For alternative contact details please refer to the contact page

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