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New winners always welcome on Sports Bond
Uploaded Monday, 27th Sep, 2021 at 08:56

WE always like to see new winners on Sports Bond and this week we saw new names on the winners list.
In Ballykeel a first win and a major win at that for Herbie Balmer (A7213). Life is sweet for Herbie at the moment. He is a huge Liverpool fan and with the Reds in fine form and £50 on its way to Herbie, who's been a member for around 3 years, times are good.

Alan Coulter (A1645) has been a member for around two years and he has had has his first win with a £10 minor win. Let's hope a bigger win will be coming soon Alan.

Randalstown has been something of a Sports Bond hotspot this year with jackpot wins and new members winning. However one of our longest Sports Bond members had her first major win this week. Ann Bruce (A0877) up to now had only a couple of £10 wins but now she has a cheque for £50 on its way to herself. Congratulations Ann and thanks for your support over many years.

Our final winner this week has been a Sports Bond member since the weekly draw commenced almost 20 years ago. Bobby Mclaughlin (A9707) has been a lifelong Ballymena United supporter and saw another way to support the club through Sports Bond. He has been a multiple winner over the years and has picked up another £10. However, no matter the value of the win, Bobby like many Sky Blue supporters see Sports Bond as a major supporter to club finances. So if you are a Ballymena supporter now is the time to join Sports Bond on 07831 803970.

This week the Jackpot is £450 after the numbers 2, 16, 22, and 24 saw no member allocated the jackpot. With the 20th anniversary approaching support the club and join Sports Bond.
Agents News
Congratulations to Sports Bond agent Maurice Anderson and wife Pamela who celebrate their wedding anniversary this weekend. With Sports Bond it's very much a team effort for the couple as Pamela is always on hand to ferry Maurice around. A Sports Bond marriage made in heaven.

Also celebrating their wedding anniversary recently were Jimmy and Janette Douglas, so we send our congratulations to them also.

Also celebrating their wedding anniversary are Sports Bond member Christopher Harris and wife Lynn. Congratulations to them and where have all those years gone.

Birthday greetings go to Sports Bond member Barbara Gillespie of Galgorm who will celebrate her birthday this Friday.
First score
A first win on Sports Bond for Kenny Armstrong, Kenny is a massive Ballymena united supporter and Blackburn rovers fan and Saturday saw his first win at the Coleraine Showgrounds. He had purchased 2 cards before the game. The first score recorded time was 29 minutes (28 mins 52 sec) Kenny had the winning card and picked up £30. Now if Kenny wins at another away fixture this season he will have a double up of £60 and if a third win he will win a season ticket for season 2022/2023. Plenty of opportunity for that to happen for both Kenny and David Harris, our first score winner at The Oval.
Player Sponsor
Becoming a player sponsor attracts a number of benefits. If you are interested please contact Brian Thompson on 07831 803970. There are a few players remaining to be sponsored.

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