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To Be Confirmed

Irish FA grants extension of 2019-20 Irish League season until 31 July

Sponsor Wins on Sports Bond
Uploaded Sunday, 24th Jun, 2018 at 22:50

A unique week on Sports Bond as one of the club's Player Sponsors won on Sports Bond.
John Pogue (A5201) lives and owns a business in the North East of England, however John was originally from the Mid Antrim area and moved as a young boy to England. About 20 months ago he contacted the club and spoke with Brian Thompson and told him of his desire to become involved with the club. He immediately became Player Sponsor to Kevin Braniff who had just joined the club, then he joined Sports Bond as a yearly payer and this week he was a Sports Bond £50 major winner. So this week he will get Kevin Braniff's shirt as a Player Sponsor and a cheque for £50 from Sports Bond, a return on his investment and a big thank you from the club to John Pogue.

A big week for William Gillespie (A8619) and agent Julie Moore. William won £50 a fortnight ago and now he has won another £50, for agent Julie it is her fourth week in a row with a winning member. Agent of the week goes to Maurice Anderson who had a major £50 winner with Martha Lorimer (A0639) and a £10 winner with Paul McNaul (B1765). Richard McClean had a £10 winner with Jean McCrory (A2905) and finally the Ballymena United Chairman John Taggart (A6233) got into the act with a £10 win on the Development Committee agency.

No Jackpot was allocated with the numbers 7, 8, 22 and 24 and so stands at £300 for this week.
World Cup Doubles
With most teams having now played 2 games in the World Cup, cards to look out for would be those including Belgium, Russia and England as high scores or at the other end of the scale Peru and Saudi Arabia are well in the running not having scored. There are still a number of World Cup Doubles left so if you want some contact Brian Thompson on 07831 803970.
North East Connections
John Pogues success on Sports Bond and his sponsorship at the club serves as a unique reminder of the links we have with the North East of England. Former manager Tommy Wright was a successful keeper at Newcastle, Trevor Johnston, formerly of Glarryford, has with his friends become known as the Whitley Bay BUSC and visit the club every season. Then there is the incomparable Dorothy Cox and her husband Ron who are regular visitors to the area, in fact this week it seems that last years Christmas prize draw of a trip to Newcastle United seems to now be on course with the Premier League fixtures just out. Some may also recall "Geordie Mena" who used to follow our interests from Washington Co Durham. Brian Thompson used to cover the area for a company, long may the association continue.
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