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Super Ally scores on Sports Bond
Uploaded Sunday, 12th Feb, 2017 at 21:13

SUPER Ally was a familiar chant from the terraces in many football stadiums for years but recently Sports Bond has its own Super Ally, for the agency of Alastair Shaw is enjoying a fine run at the moment.
Most of his members are Antrim based and this week he had double success with a major and minor winner. His major £50 winner was John Spence (A7031) and his £10 minor winner was Naomi McNaul (B3984) who actually was one of his first winners, roll on more winners in Antrim.

Back in Ballymena another John, Sky Blue and Spurs fan John White (B7599), was celebrating another win with £50, John was recently a £10 winner. Up in Ballykeel Martha Magill (A1728) was a £50 winner.

In Belfast Davy Creighton had a £10 winner with Jeanette Caldwell (B8485) and in Gracehill Player Sponsor Christie Colhoun had a £10 win on the agency of Maurice Anderson.

No Jackpot was allocated with the numbers 11, 16, 17 and 18 and is now £600 for this week.
First Score
Remarkably our two winners at Seaview on Saturday were sitting only two seats apart on the same row, both had the winning time of 34 minutes. They were Allan Jenkins Sn, father of BUFC player Allan Jenkins and Derek Greer, both collected £30. There will be a large First Score in circulation for the League Cup Final on Saturday, make sure you get yours and support the club.
Walk of Hope
Sales and Marketing Executive Brian Thompson successfully completed his eighth Walk of Hope charity challenge by reaching Seaview on Saturday. Within 24 hours he was back on the road starting his Walk of Hope to the League Cup Final. On Saturday morning Brian and a few Braveheart volunteers will walk the town. Please give them your support, then it's off to complete the last leg of the walk to Seaview.