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Maurice is on the "Money" in Sports Bond
Uploaded Sunday, 15th Jan, 2017 at 18:19

LAST week one agent had no less than 4 winners, 2 major and 2 minors on Sports Bond.
Normally one would be right in considering that to be a rare occurrence, however Sports Bond agent Maurice Anderson was to prove most people wrong as this week Maurice had 2 major £50 winners and 2 minor £10 winners. Ask any agent and they would say its an incredible feat to have it 2 weeks in a row is incredible.

Maurice had a £50 winner with Sky Blue fan Gary Gordon (A3942) and senior citizen James Gillan (A9864). His £10 minor winners were Ian Kennedy (A1377) and David Guthrie (A7631). Could this feat be repeated for a third week in a row, what would the odds be on that!

Alastair Shaw is enjoying a fine run at the moment and this continued with a £50 win for Roisin McGarry (A9380) in Antrim. The remaining £10 winner was Barbara Bates (A9177) on the agency of David Brown.

No Jackpot was allocated with the numbers 1, 19, 20 and 26 and so the Jackpot is £400 for this week.
Old Clothes for New Players
We recently had an excellent uplift of donated old clothing, if you have some old clothes to donate contact Brian Thompson on 07831 803970.
Agents News
Sports Bond agent Campbell Garrett has been poorly of late and has been in Antrim Area hospital since before Christmas. Promoter Brian Thompson who visited Campbell recently has requested all at the club to remember Campbell in thought and prayer at this time.