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Sports Bond Multi Winners Still Winning
Uploaded Sunday, 8th Jan, 2017 at 22:31

AS the years of Sports Bond progress we are seeing a new grouping within the membership, that of multi winners. This week saw a couple of examples of that in our major winners.
Thomas Braniff (B3894) of Gracehill is a member of Maurice Anderson's agency and was a £50 major winner this week. Thomas has been a previous multi winner on major winners so well done to him. Also Down the road in Woodcroft Alan Sloan (A7196) now retired from JTI was a £50 winner, Alan has also been a multi winner over the years. The remaining £50 winner was also on the agency of P Thompson and was C McCartney (B6984), this agency also had two £10 minor winners with Brian Campbell (C7908) and Raymond Lynn (A3697). The remaining £10 winner was on the agency of Robert Logan and was William J Nevin (A0680).

Still no Jackpot allocated with the numbers 6, 8, 10 and 22 and now rises to £350.
Agents News
With sadness we learned of the passing of two members. Jean McCully, wife of Derek McCully, had been a Sports Bond member for many years. She passed after Christmas following a short illness. We extend sympathy to the McCully family.

Kenny Russell, a member from Cloughmills and a member of the agency of Robert Logan and a Sky Blue supporter at home matches also passed suddenly last week. We extend sympathy to the family circle.
Boxing Day
Naomi has been found! Yes the search for Naomi Dickson is over as Naomi is the daughter of Michael Scroggie. To find her we went through all the ballots to find one with the number next to hers and a call was made to Michael. Now Naomi lives in Belfast and is converting to gas heating to she has kindly offered the oil to her granny, Sadie Worthington of Artogues Park Broughshane. Also all prize winners have received their prizes.
Walk of Hope
The walk to Clandeboye Road for the match with Ards on December 31st realised a collection of £104.81. This was part of the Walk of Hope series on behalf of Bravehearts NI undertaken by Brian. Thanks to Ards FC and all who helped.