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Sky Blue all the way on Sports Bond
Uploaded Sunday, 18th Dec, 2016 at 20:19

THE big link between the winners this week, both major and minor, was the fact they are mostly to be found at the Showgrounds on match days.
Sports Bond agent David Brown, himself a huge Ballymena fan, had a £50 winner with Willard McKeown (B9551). Willard, a sky blue fan, is the son of former Sports Bond agent and legendary sky blue fan Ian McKeown. Hugh O'Boyle (C7785) was a £50 major winner with Davy Workman's agency at the Blackstone. Former Sports Bond agent Leslie Kinnear (A5012) was a £50 major winner on the agency of P Thompson.

In the minor section the winners were all on P Thompson's agency and all had sky blue connections. Brian Campbell (C9465) is a regular at the Showgrounds as is Eugene McReynolds (A5577), his third £10 win this year. Lynn Montgomery (A6769) is the wife of Eric Montgomery who with brother Billy travels home and away.

No Jackpot was allocated with the numbers 3, 14, 19 and 28 and so goes to £200 for this week's draw. Senior citizen Mrs Milliken who recently won a £1000 on Sports Bond believes Santa Claus is a Ballymena man!!! Nice one Sky Blue Santa.
First Score
Yet another sensation for this season's First Score. Earlier in the season we saw a Tommy Cavan "double" win in two away matches in sequence, Portadown and Coleraine. This week saw Rickard Elliott do a double win in two away matches in sequence, Glentoran and Linfield. So we now have 2 sky blue supporters chasing a treble win to get a season ticket for 2017/18 season. Richard Elliott, a great First Score supporter, picked up £60 at Windsor Park with a 51 minute winning card. Congratulations to Richard for his sensational win over 1 week.
Calendar 2017
The new BUFC 2017 calendar will be on distribution this week. This year is once again a quality production and you may be in it alongside your favourite players, even May McFetridge gets in on this year's calendar!! You can still pre order by ringing 078 3180 3970, it will be officially on sale to the public on Friday in the tower Centre from 10am, priced at £6 or 2 for £10 it is a fantastic Christmas present for every Ballymena supporter. Thanks to all companies who choose to advertise in it.
Boxing Day Draw
Boxing Day sees the culmination in this year's festive Christmas draw. Tickets priced at £1 will on sale right up to half time. Patrons with books should have their stubs returned on match day before half time. Joe Hayes, last year's winner, already has his stubs returned!! Will he or somebody else win the first prize of 500L of oil supplied by McCurdy Fuels. Sports Bond are offering the chance to win £200 if you are a member for the second prize. The Eagle Bar and Grill are offering a meal voucher for £50 for third prize. Support the club and get your tickets now.